Q: How do I place an ad?

A: Simply fill out the registration form. If you experience any difficulties, let us know.

Q: How many photos can I put up in my ad, and how do I designate a main photo?

A: You can put up to 6 photos per ad. Use common sense when putting up pictures regarding their size. One photo should not be enormous and the others small. Try to manage them so that they flow well. Normally, the first photo you put up will be your main photo. However, you can place a check mark on another photo if you wish and that will show up as your main photo.

Q: Are there any rules regarding what types of photos I can use?

A: We suggest that you not use a nude photo as your main photo out of respect for the conservative nature of the region. However, they are allowed, as it is a matter of self expression. In our experience, escorts who place clothed photos up as their main photo oftentimes have better outcomes when meeting clients. We prefer that people not use ads with bold colored frames around them as these types of ads are overly distracting. However, if the frame is subtle and there is no text over the photo, we will allow it. Avoid writing very wordy ads because all of the text obscures the photo so the viewer cannot see your picture well. It is better to let the photo speak for itself and if you wish, put up a phone contact.

Q: Why are there sometimes 3 models shown per row and at other times, there are 5 models per row?

A: Escort photos are screen sensitive. You will notice that on a laptop or desktop, 5 rows will show up, while when you look at your phone, at times there will be 3. This is so that the photos display large enough for the viewer to comfortably view all the photos, text, details, and so on.

Q: I have not received your email notification so that I can validate my account.

A: Please check your spam folder. In some email systems, the word escort in a domain name will cause emails to go to spam. You can check off our emails as non-spam with your email provider, but sometimes they will end up in that folder anyway. You should validate your account within 3 days of creating it.

Q: I have not received a message from a client through your site, and I did not get a response to my question through your contact page.

A: Again, check your spam folder. From time to time notifications and messages from clients will end up there, although rarely. If a client who wishes to contact you is using Yahoo mail and you are also using Yahoo mail, it might not reach you 100% of the time. So, we recommend escorts use another mail system. But if it is your established email, don’t worry. You will get most of your mail via our secure systems. We do not know why this occurs. It is not due to our systems.

Q: Do I have to make my phone number public?

A: No. It can remain private. In the phone number field, if you don’t wish to make your number public you can just place the letter x there. Or, leave it blank.

Q: Are there advertising costs?

A: It is free to place an advert on our site. Our site was developed when other escort sites began reviewing and grading escorts, something that we found offensive to the model, and do not allow on this site. Also, other sites were turning into social media sites and becoming over-complex. Most people want to utilize a simple site, not jump through hoops or spend hours on a platform when they want to contact someone quickly and easily. We want to be fair to models, so we will remain free for as long as possible. If there is a lot of build-up of ads, there will be a cost for maintenance so then models will be charged a fee. At this time, that is not the case.

Q: Can I place an ad in more than one city ?

A: You should place your ad in only one city at a time. You can put your tour schedule up under your profile if you wish.

Q: The username I want to use is taken. What should I do?

A: Your username is not the name shown on the site. Your stage name is the one people see. You can simply add numbers to the end of whatever username you’d like to use.

Q: I am 18. Can I advertise on the site?

A: Anyone age 18 or over is allowed to view the site. However, to advertise on the site you must be at least 20 years of age. We do not allow teen advertisers. If we see a teenager advertising on the site, or suspect someone is a teen, we will remove the ad. *Note: We have been removing ads lately for a variety of reasons. Please understand this. We are meant to be a free site for independent models. We do not tolerate “agencies” promoting models that appear under the age of 20. Also, sometimes models are overly-airbrushed. We suggest not doing this as it makes a 25 year old look younger. This confuses us and leads us to remove the ad. We are overly cautious. Keep this in mind before over-airbrushing any of your photos.

Q: How do I verify my ad?

A: Please submit a photo holding a sheet of paper with the current date on it. Once the verification process is over and approved, we will delete the photo immediately in the interest of your privacy. If the photo matches the profile photos through our identification system, we will verify it and put a green check up on the escort’s profile. Please do not utilize stock photos in your ad. This triggers a system rejection and we will be unable to verify the escort.

Q: How do I contact you if I have a question?

A: You can reach us through our contact form, but you will get a quicker and more thorough response if you contact us at: gulfescortsdirectory@gmail.com. Currently we are answering emails on Wednesdays. We are headquartered in Estonia and Iceland, so keep in mind the time difference.

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